Miami, Florida – July 6th, 2023 – In an impressive display of Puerto Rican talent, acclaimed artist Gonza joins forces with versatile musician Derek Santana and renowned producer Viejo Culprit to present their latest single titled “POV,” under the label of AP Global Music. This release promises to be an explosion of music and emotions that will captivate all trap enthusiasts.

“POV”, written by its interpreters, delves into the genre of trap, offering a unique combination of cutting-edge rhythms and sounds. The song’s lyrics are infused with sensuality and mischief, transporting listeners to a world full of seduction and provocation.

But that’s not all. The music video for “POV” is a visually thrilling experience, filled with adrenaline and speed. In this video, the talented performers immerse themselves in a high-speed motorcycle race, surrounded by beautiful models who add a touch of glamour and seduction to the plot. The video was filmed in Puerto Rico, under the masterful direction of Seth Rivera, who successfully captured the vibrant essence of the song in each scene.

This collaboration, representing pure Puerto Rican talent, is set to elevate urban music to new heights by combining the creativity and skill of Gonza, Derek Santana, and Viejo Culprit. Their partnership on “POV” showcases the versatility and power of Puerto Rico’s music scene, leaving a lasting impact on the industry.

“POV” is now available on all digital platforms, allowing fans of Gonza, Derek Santana, and Viejo Culprit to enjoy this explosive collaboration anytime, anywhere. This song promises to become a trap anthem, captivating listeners with its irresistible magnetism.

Don’t miss the opportunity to immerse yourself in the captivating world of “POV.” Listen to the single now and let it’s overwhelming rhythm and mesmerizing musical proposal take you on a journey, available on all digital platforms.

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